Units may begin line-up at 7:30 AM.  The parade will begin approximately at 10:00 AM so we can reach downtown Greenville at 10:30 AM.  All times noted are Ohio time.

**Political entries will be float entries by major political parties only.  All candidates for public office must ride on their political party float. Elected political office holders participating in the parade are by invitation only.  No “Elect or Re-Elect” slogans are permitted except on party floats. No other floats of a socially sensitive or political nature will be allowed.  

Due to insurance issues, we need all drivers to be prepared to show proof of insurance for your entry.  Please bring driver’s license (for person driving the unit), and proof of insurance (driver and vehicle).   We ask that you have these available and ready at the parade line up.  Questions??? Please contact Gary Melling

For all contestants and winners of contests, we ask that you provide your own chairs and vehicles for the parade (unless told prior to the parade that we will furnish these for you).  Also, you are responsible for your own signage of your title in the parade.

The parade committee and the Annie Oakley Festival Board reserve the right to reject any application.  Parade entries will be limited to the best entries as chosen by the Annie Oakley Committee. The parade chairperson has the final authority on matters arising on parade day.  

OBEY ALL RULES and cooperate with Police Officers and Parade Officers to ensure the safety and well being of everyone involved.  THROWING AND HANDING OBJECTS OF ANY KIND FROM YOUR UNIT (MOTOR OR WALKING) IS PROHIBITED AND ILLEGAL. A violation of this rule (and city Ordinance) will result in removal from the parade.  Children do not think of the danger involved in running into the street. Do not encourage or entice spectators to come out onto the parade route. 

Once the parade has started, NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO GET ON OR OFF YOUR UNIT, AS IT IS MOVING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE.  Again, please remember, children do not think of the danger involved in this type of activity.

All bands marching in the parade must complete the full parade route, or they will forfeit their premiums.

Participants are responsible for cleanup around their line-up area, before and after the parade.

All Equestrian units must provide their own “Pooper Scooper” to follow and clean up after their unit for the entire parade.  

Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants is not permitted in or along the parade route.

Anyone operating a vehicle in the parade, must be age appropriate, and follow all rules and City Ordinances, as well as practice the utmost safety, before, during, and after the parade.  Anyone seen driving recklessly or horse-playing will be pulled from the parade, and this could affect your unit.

Any violation of the preceding rules will make the applicant ineligible for participation in this parade and future parades.  The Annie Oakley Festival Committee, Inc. reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations, and all decisions of the committee shall be final.

The Parade Committee is committed to being better than ever, and our hope is that every town and village in Darke County will be represented.

You are welcome to copy and forward this application on to other organizations.

Please email any questions to: Gary Melling 

2023 Annie Oakley Festival **** Friday-July 28,, Saturday-July 29, and Sunday-July 30, 2023


Download a PDF that you can print, fill in, and mail to us.